We Are Smarter Than Me

The fantastic wikibook!


THERE was once a young book. But not a book like other books. A book called "We are smarter than Me" which showed how social networking might help business! Thousands of people had contribued to this book, which was about the wisdom of the crowd. The difference between Wikipedia and writting a book was : how do you get a single common voice across. Barry Libert and Jon Spector, two co-authors along with "thousands of contributors" had succed in this project. Spector said :

- "We, some of whom are unknown, are smarter than a small group of experts inside a company".

It was a "wikibook", compiled by authors that aim to help businesses understand how social networking can increase the revenue.

On the website of We are smarter than me , co-authors invited people to beggin the new book .

Let's hear the interview of Barry Libert

Here are what the authors said in an interview:

Were you pleased by the end product?

Yes, we are very pleased with the end product. The book should have tremendous impact on how corporations do business based on how employee and customer communities are beginning to impact traditional business processes.

What surprised you most about the process and the end result?

What surprised us was that the contributions from the community came back to us in such a wide variety of ways. We had anticipated that most of the submissions would come through the book wiki, when in fact the discussion forums, podcasts, related blog posts and in person comments were all substantial sources of content for the book. Our team of writers – who wrote most of the final text – were able to leverage this and it really improved the quality of the book.

What do you feel are the book's primary take-aways for business executives?

* In a time where community is infiltrating every aspect of our personal and professional lives, this book provides numerous case studies on companies that have harnessed the crowd to improve all aspects of their businesses.
* Threaded throughout the book are practical instructions on how to apply key learnings from the case studies to executives’ specific needs, be they marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing, customer service, etc.

What were the key learnings from the book wiki? If you were to advise people on how to create the next wiki book, what most important insight would you pass on about your experience?

* That writing a book on using a wiki is harder than we thought – including how to build, nurture and edit the content of the community for all who want to benefit from their contributions
* We have yet to fully distill it all, but the community provided a wealth of suggestions for how to best create a wiki book. They didn’t all agree of course.
* We intend to document the writing and community building process in a series of article that we will publish on the site and in a number of leading publications.

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