A new internet bubble is going to burst


People think that today, « it's a bad time to start a company". A bubble would be reinflating Internet businesses. In fact, valuations are rising. So are we or are we not in an Internet bubble? The debate flares up at industry parties, conferences, and in blog discussions.

Web 2.0: A new dot-com bubble in the making?

Lookat the interview tittled : « Web 2.0 has Internet money flowing again »

In the fourth quarter, 75% of startups with VC funding were valued higher than when they last raised cash — up from 60% a year earlier, according to Palo Alto (Calif.) law firm Cooley Godward. And acquirers have paid eye-popping prices for a few startups: eBay Inc. (EBAY ) shelled out more than $2.6 billion for Skype Technologies (EBAY ), and News Corp. (NWS ) forked over $650 million for (NWS ). In the last quarter, VC firms plowed $5.6 billion into 761 companies, up 12% from last year, says MoneyTree Report. But the history of Silicon Valley is done with many small bubbles that served to motivate entrepreneurs and investors without causing widespread harm. James F. Fulton Jr., an attorney at Cooley Godward says : "Silicon Valley needs champagne bubbles all the time to be percolating up for the whole system to work".

The Web 2.0 have some things in common with the Internet bubble, but experts note that there are also differences, including the low cost of entry for compagnies that launch blogs, wiki or social networking businesses.
According to industry observers, « The main difference is that this time around consumers are driving the adoption of the technologies rather than companies trying to force their Internet sites and wares onto users ».

Choose your definition of web 2.0:


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Trust is at the core of this project. How can you be certain that the borrower will pay you back with the interests he agreed to?

Actually there is no assurance me we could compare this more as gambling than investing. People tread directly their money without having to go through the banks. I think that it's a social experiment and people prefer dealing with with people online than banks.

However if we can't deny the risks of all of this, prosper does do a credit check of prospectives borrowers and assign a score from AA which is the best to HR which stands for High risks. The borrowers creates a profil with his picture, and tip in what it is they need the money for, how do they plan to pay it back, their career..anything that would help this lenders to get to know who they are.

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Prosper is one of the only lending websites which work so well..but to me, if problems are not to be seen in its futur, websites such as are certain to flourish.

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