Treat Each Customer As Market Segment Of One

Nobody can't ignore that internet is driving today's economy. The message every media conveys is that technology is the prime force creating growth in almost every industry.
In Unleashing the Killer App, authors Larry Downesand Chunka Mui look at the dynamics of technological change and its potential to create "killer apps."
The way businesses interact with each other and with their customers have changed.
To exploit these changes, the authors outline 12 points for designing a digital strategy to help you identify and create killer apps in your own organization.

Let's begin with one of them: Treat each customer as a market segment of one.

Nowadays, advertisers and firms manage better and better to reach the customer in his personnan needs and desires. In deed, information the customers provide on the internet for example, such as his age, his job, his statut, enable firms to be better-informed . Moreover, above all offers are individualized, strick the eyes of customers.
We can take the example of the amazon. To me it's the typical example

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