Replace Rude Interfaces

To democratize Internet, the developers replace rude interfaces by some others more intuitive. The back office of the blogs are simplified to make the publishing process easier. For example, the new version of Myspace offers the possibility to change your front office by choosing templates.

A service like Widgetbox offers the possibility to create easily a widget (a flash / javascript application to insert in your facebook page). Widgetbox uses the RSS technology. You create your own flow and you insert your widgetbox on your page in order to inform your friends of the latest modifications of your blog, webpage, etc. It's an amazing way to communicate with a large audience in continuous time.


The future of webdesign


If you're intersted in webdesign, you might have heard about the FOWD (Future of Webdesign) conference, which took place in New York a few days ago. If not, I just wanted to share the main points of the presentations with you. A bunch of talks and conferences were given by wellknown names of graphic design, interactive design, aplication designers, webdesign and so on.

Destroy the web 2.0 look by Elliott Jay Stocks
(you can download the slideshow here)
According to me, this is the most interesting presentation, as many of the new websites all look the same, with the same visual tricks : bevelled edges, gradient colors… This short presentation explains clearly that this so called web 2.0 is not an aesthetic but a general concept, and that designing a web 2.0 site doesn't make sense. Go through the presentation, this is very interesting…

Web interfaces
(download the slideshow here)
This one was given by Ryan Singer, the guy behind the 37signals blog (another good blog) and products like basecamp. HIs presentation was about web interfaces. He makes the audience aware about small details like text fields, buttons, labels… all the small visual details that make a website more pleasant to use. I've noticed it by using basecamp at work, which is really user friendly to manage projects.

Building a brand through design
(slideshow here)
This one is plenty of good and useful advice about general designing : brand, logos, interfaces… It makes a good starting point for everyone interested in desining things, or even for people who are / would like to be creative.

You can go though all the presentations given during theses days by just sarching for fowd in All of them are worth mentionning, dependind of what you're most interested in. I'd say that this is a good summary of what webdesign and interface design means today. And if you feel generous today, you can offer me a ticket to the next edition of FOWD, which will take place in London in April 2008. Please. Please. Please.


Replace rude interfaces… yeah right.

(This was brought to you by Fred)

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