Raphael B

My name is Raphaël. I am 20. I live in Boulogne Billancourt, near Paris.

Who I am:

I study, as all the students here, communication at the CELSA.
I came from a Literrary preparation. I studied history and especially the XXth century throughout politics, regimes and social values.
Of course I use the internet all the time to communicate, to work, find solutions and try to understand this complicated world as much as I could.
This class is very new for me. I have never studied english this way. But it is very interesting, innovative, and probably precursor!

My online CV:


2007-2008 : CELSA attending Master Courses
2006-2007 : CELSA
Bachelor degree in Media Management and Communication
2005-2006 : Deug History
2004-2005 : Literrary preparation
2003-2004 : A-level graduation (with honours)


- Arte.
- Prisma Presse to the publicity service of Capital and Management magazines.
(3 months)
- Connecting Agency (4 months).


Fluent English
Notions in Spanish
Notions in German


Passionnated by Astronomy.
Love cinema
Theatre (4 years)

Music :
Oboe (7 years)

Sports : Tennis, Ski, Canoë Kayak

My blog:

Raphael's postcard. If you are interested, have a look, I have written about crowdsourcing, blogging and also other more personnal subjects or winks…

A little video presentation

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