to learn english? use the web!

Technology, especially the emergence of the Internet, is affecting every aspect of education and changing the way we teach and learn. "It is no longer a question of whether to take advantage of these electronic technologies in foreign language instruction, but of how to harness them and guide our students in their use" (Paulsen, 2001). How to take advantage of Internet resources to facilitate language learning is an issue considered in many eloquent articles and publications

Many website offer their visitors to learn english very rapidly and easily online.
Even if we can question the methods employed to teach you english, the only fact of surfing the web implies that you understand at list a little english, or it will obvbiously give you some basis.
Many free website put online series of written lessons with some pronunciation exercices. But it is not very convincing.

I think the best solution for a very beginner is to have a real teacher online that you can contact by msn or skype. You will have to pay for it, but it will be far better!!

British council's website is very well made and reliable! It offers many links and creates courses for different level of english and different age.
On this site you have different sections, one for the teachers and one for the learners which implement a reliable relation between them.

The great majority of the online learners might be japanese. Indeeed, most of them are very likely to use the internet technology. They often publish their first try on youtube which is quite funny, i have to say.

This table is from a very interesting website which details the interests and limits of these online methods:

Students' Overall Perceptions of Using the Internet to Learn English
Mean Standard
Using the Internet is an interesting way to learn English 2.89 0.71
Using the Internet is an effective way to learn English 2.75 0.69
(N = 49)

To my mind, even if you use the best websites (official one, according to me), you have to go to england or to the US, to an english-speaking country, in order to understand the complexity of the culture and really improve your skills.

BBC learning english is a high quality website which give you the opportunityto learn english with the press world.
The site offer very interesting sections, such as vocabulary, grammar challege, tests to improve your level… Furthermore, many serious and interesting articles are provided with definitions (in english) of the key terms. You also have an audio file attached to each paragraph of the article to make you hear the story.
It is a very serious and institutional site, but I would recommend it for people who already have basis in english.

Learning is a good free site which offers lessons for the very beginners. The lessons are divided by units, where you get to learn crucial english words and expressions + their pronounciation. All of it is "served" with drawing to illustrate the terms.
You also have good dictation exercises, good pages on British culture (which is quite rare!), a dictionary, and a nice chat room where you can talk with native english-speakers.
Even if the site is not very easy and the presentation is not great, I would really recommend it !

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