Outsource To Customer

That exploits (in every sense) the 2.0 main principle. The users participate to the creation of the contents. By doing that they add value to the tool (here the website).
The more you enable people to do things by themselves, the more they will feel free, independent or competent at coping with informatic matters, and the better it is for a company or a site.

In fact, I think there are two kinds of customers outsourcing:

- sncf-styled outsourcing: you do not need to have any contact with any staff: you save time, the company saves work.

- Skaaz-styled outsourcing: like in an advanced search, you create your profile and a tool that looks what you are looking for without you know what it is. No need to pay a person to advise you: you can use that free (or cheap) consulting. You find and discover easily what you want, the site gets traffic and advertising.

So, long-run or short-run, reserved to tech-heads or very easy to understand, free or not, self-interested or purely generous, customer outsourcing is an important part of a killer app as it contains several aspects:

- people cope with on their own: you don't have to do a big part of the work and your innovation can take a wide extent more easily.

- on the long-run, a killer app can create a dependance of some fields and become always more important. That is a virtuous circle based on a daily personnal use.

- as the people are very concentrated when they do things on their own, and as their profile is known on the site they use, advertisers benefit from a strong precision if they target the users of some killer apps. They must be ready to invest more money on such a accuracy than on something less reliable.

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