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This is not actually an online tv but I think people who love music will love it: it's fabchannel.

About WebTV:

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Well, since two or three years from now is born a real passion, a frenzy for what we call webTVs i.e. online broadcasting. Everybody knows Youtube either DailyMotion and how they represent perfectly « user generated content ». But,we’re assisting currently to an important revolution of what traditional television essentially is.

The arrival of news pures players such as Current TV, Better TV, Joost TV or My MtV totally redefines an innovation’s diffusion provided first by Youtube. We reached what we call a « co-generated content » level which is a mix between professional productions and diffusion device and user content. Precisely, it means that Internet’s user that creates their own stuff, are now able to plug it with one of those new TV websites. They reconfigure user’s creations, if its worth it, trough a new WebTV interface that some people call TV 2.0. On top of that, according to this new webTV trend, mobile phone networks are currently adapting this technology to enhanced their services !

I sincerely invite you to take a look on these new web ventures, these new players of E-culture…

Better Tv

Thanks to Benoit A., André, David and so on, I've discovered the online tv Better Tv.
It's American, there are recipes, analysis, and 40some blonde American everwhere.
It's not quite fun, but it's great for the english skills.

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