What is the best way to learn english through internet?

Hi my friends…


Today we would like to find a good way to learn english through internet.

English is the dominant language on the internet, and the internet will become the dominant place to learn english. The way of learning languages is changing, and the changes are accelerating.

Interactive communities based on commun interests are developping on the Web, and if you want to learn english, this is a good oportunity. You can access english language on any subject and learn from it. You can connect with english speakers and share your interests.

In our universe, we can talk about an US Writer who teaches language through Fairy Tales :


David Burke. For him, the best way to learn english for example, is to read fairy tales that you know in your mother tongue, in other languages. He says :

"So I got this idea. What if I took a fairy tale, Cinderella? We start it in the native language of the reader. So, let's say in English for the American market. So we start in English, and as the reader moves forward, the story starts to morph into another language."

I think this is a very good way when you know that you can find any fairy tales in any language on the internet!


How do you think to read and learn the Little Red Riding Hood?!

Moreover, a lot a humoristic advertisings developped this subject : What is the best way to learn english? Here is a dutch ad for television that we could see a few years before…

More seriously, on the internet, you can have a professional english formation. Let's see this video for the website "[http://www.upenglishup.com/home.html]":

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