Read english

The biggest part of websites is written in english on the net. So, surfing on the Net and read textes are just one of the most useful way to improve your english understanding capacities. You can read, for example, about movies on, news on, hightech stuff on slashdot, digg or techcrunch.

Heard english

One of the most efficient way to heard english on the net is, of course, to look videos. YouTube and GoogleVideos are the most famous sites. You can heard english lessons and all subjects you want to heard about in english. But, shared videos are very oft amateur and if you want to learn english with a real method of teaching, it isn’t maybe the best way.

Speak/Write english

It seems to me easier reading and hearding english on the net as speaking and writing english. You can speak in front of your webcam and share your video with the rest of the world but it isn’t a good way to improve your level because nobody correct you. Writing english is the same problem. You can post comments in english, write articles on Wikipedia or where you want, speak with other people of all around the world on chats and forums, but nobody will correct you.

Specific tools

English teaching websites

So, the best way of learning english on the net, in my opinion, is to use specific webtools of english teaching. There is a lot of sites which propose free solutions, for example on or on the site of the BBC. Last year, during our english lessons, we’ve used the learning english service on the BBC site. It was very useful and the tools given to internet users are very complete.

A good translation tool

As Benoit present it on his personal webpage, translation tools are very useful and I also use Reverso, which is one of the most complete way to translate english expressions. The quality of the translation is a bit different of the google translation tool which is not very useful for pages or big textes. The google translations can be very funny. On Reverso, translations are more subtle.

No more need for learning english?

Developpers and linguists have invented very efficient tools to translate directly what you say to any kind of langage. Technical problems of translation are no problems anymore. But it isn't, of course, the best way to learn english. In a few years, will english langage no more useful to learn? Incredible technological progress could create a completely different world and way to learn foreign langages.

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