The things I did

Hello, my name is Marie-Cécile, I'm 21 and I'm studying communication at the Celsa. Here is my e-portfolio with a little video presentation and my CV on line.
For more informations, you are welcome on my blog



- 2004-2006: Literary prep school (B/L)
- 2007-2008: Master degree in Communication and Media Studies at the CELSA
- 2006-2007: BA Equivalent in Communication - CELSA, Paris

Work experience:

- In charge of communication at Arte France (march to june 2007)
- Work at the post office last summer
- Teacher for a 15 years old

Other skills:

- Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (moderate)
- Computer skills (Word, Excel, Lotus, PowerPoint etc)


- Reading (anything)
- Cinema, music, volley ball
- Travelling

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