Marie Cecile

How to learn English thanks to Internet?

The advantage of Internet is that English is present almost everywhere on the web. We have many way of learning on the Internet, sites propose lessons, exercices… and even a virtual teacher sometimes.

The BBC tried a new kind of lesson, funny enough to interest people but it's for people who already speaks a little English. I think the problem lies here, learning on the web is for people who already know a bit English.

But some people don't…

Other sites are dedicated to young students, they can learn some vocabulary words but building sentences is another problem!
Indeed, the question is do we need to have a teacher or can we learn by ourselves?
I think we can if we're motivated enough even if it's harder that learning with a teacher.
However, it shows your real interest for the language.

The advantage of learning English on Internet is that we can easily hear and read English on the web, watching videos or listening to songs in English.

Practice and practice again

A lot of grammar exercices are proposed to those who wants to improve such as this website
This is a very good way of preparing an exam like the TOEFL for example but having a group to encourage you is very motivating too…learning-english-02.gif

To talk about it more seriously, here are sites you can use to improve your English on free websites :

The last one is very interesting because it deals with a community who is learning English, so everyone share his experiences and his knowledges. It's not the only way of learning English of course, via the Internet you have the possibility to listen to the radio and watch videos : movies or songs or podcasts.

Now I think you're ready to learn English thanks to Internet, don't be afraid, you have plenty of possibilities to become the new Shakespeare… with little efforts and adapted to your personality.

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