Speak English!

Because you can do better than "Where is Brian? Brian is in the kitchen…"

Speaking English can sometimes save your life! Or in a less dramatic point of view, it can help you find a job, communicate with local people when you're abroad, understand the songs you listen to or the movies you watch etc.
Question is, how do you get better at english when you don't always have a teacher or an english-speaking person with you? In these times of great modernity, sharing and globalization, the answer, as you have guessed, is Internet!

Online learning English

There are several ways of learning english and the great advantage of e-learning is that of course you can find grammar or conjugation exercises, but you can also watch videos or listen to podcasts.
First of all, you can find free on-line dictionary such as reverso or the well-known google service.
Other sites are more complete: for instance provides a whole section of idiomatic expressions with definitions.
Example: you can find out that an "agony aunt" is actually not your old auntie Gertrude suffering from arthritis but "a newspaper columnist who gives advice to people having problems, especially personal ones."

E-english methods

The British Council site provides different methods depending on you are: adult learner, kid, sport lover, student, businessmen etc. You can find different exercices such as quizzes about pronunciation and word stress.

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