Learn english?? Not only a school thing anymore

Whole new ways to improve your english

Learn english at school ? at uni ? at home woth books???…well guys , these ways are oldschool .
Let's live with our time and with the internet which provides you an huge amount of information to learn english.


Websites such as learning english , english hilfen, or english maze, give us ways to learn step by step. Grammar, vocab, exercices, online test, online quizz… Tools which are essentials to look closer at the english langague .

There is so many ways to learn english…You can buy a specialized english CD with a voice that guides you through the learning process but you also have sotware for children or adults!

videos :

Let's see that video with a online process quite interesting ( it's from the site tutorabc). An at bay professor speaks enlish with hi student per webcam :

It's interesting to hear how the professor conveys his knowledge to his student, who appears to be an adult and his technical approach. In this video, practising a conversation seems to be the way the professor chooses.

My personal advices thanks to my experience:

To me, the best way of learning english is not inevitably with softwares, websites…I reckon that hearing and reading on the BBC ,or listening to the BCC on TV, listening to english (with the english subtitles) thanks to american series are really effectives ways to get used to the langague.
Personnaly, learning english on websites is not maye really efficient…well maybe for certains obviously but for me, it's too virtual, too immaterial…

American series: a fun but an efficient way to learn english

I already used that kind of websites, but I find them to crowded, not very accurate and easy to use.
It may not work for everyone, but american series with english subtitles are what I'm doing for a few years now to learn english langague.
Not only your english, your grammar will improve but your accent along with it.
Why do i think that can be efficient?

Well…it's not studying or working to learn 100 words of vocab, it's leisure but at the same time, without even thinking and knowing about it, your mind learns word, syntax….

By and large, learning english is not just only about making exercices on the internet or on a book, it's way more complicated and wide. It's an every day's practise, hearing to english songs, watching american DVD…

Fun and efficient…maybe that's the best way isnt it? Try it and we'll see ;) !

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