Hire The Children

The man who hired the children

ONCE upon a time, a man was lying on his bed, when he realised he became old. His big company was not the most famous of the kingdom anymore. He decided to talk with people to understand what had been the problem. People answered him companies had to learn new ways to manage innovation. And first, he had to "hire the children", which meant that older workers and companies needed to learn new tricks very fast, thanks to these new "tech-head" who were able to create digital strategies for market domninance on the Internet! The man seemed to understand what was said to him, and the day after, he searched for new "young employees" on the web. He was very surprised to discover that Youtube (which was released in 2005) had been created by two young people (21 and 23 years old) Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, and that Google bought it for 1 650 000 000 dollars. It was a real phenomenon, and the man found it amazing! So he hired young people with skills and abilities in new technologies, or children full of ideas, to give a new youngness to his company!

Here you can see the video of these two people who have become very rich…

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