Fred D

Hey, I'm Fred, 21, and I am currently studying communication at the Celsa. That's cool.


2007 : Master Degree in Communication and media (due to graduate in 2009), Celsa, Paris
2006 : Bachelor Degree (licence or something like that) in communication and media. Celsa, Paris
2003 - 2005 : some kind of diploma from an institute of technology (DUT, a 2-years-course) in multimedia production, Troyes
2003 : A' level (baccalauréat) in business and service sector, with honours

Work experience


from march to august 2007
Project manager at Wanted Paris, a contemporary art gallery in Paris. I've been in charge of managing the website and driving the new version of the site. This is a photo gallery, and photo is quite my thing, so that's cool.

from april to september 2005
Production assistant at 3Sixty, a webagency based in Bristol. I've been doing a lot of things like webdesign, flash movies, newsletters, image processing, using Photoshop and Flash, coding in html and that kind of stuff. Living abroad rules. British people rule. Salt and vinegar crisps rule.


since september 2007
Project manager at Wanted Paris, a contemporary art gallery in Paris (part-time job). Actually, the internship went so well that I am now working part time in the gallery. I guess they like me (yay!).

august 2006
Workman in a factory. Summer job. Needed money. Nuff said.

february 2006
Graphic designer assistant in a chocolate factory. Was designing chocolates boxes and paper advertising for this local chocolate factory. It was for the 2006 Christmas Edition, and when I saw these little boxes at the mall it made me so happy. I'm not joking.


Computer skills

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, html, css etc.. I'm not a webdesigner, nor a developper. I might be somewhere between these two.
Following something like many RSS feeds about lots of things (webdesign, web trends…) might fit here, I guess. It doesn't make me more skilled, it just makes me more aware of how the things evolve in the web. And I think this is important.
And yeah, I can use word, excel, powerpoint and many many others.

Language skills

English : "almost fluent". I've been living in the UK during 6 months and it was great.
German : not "almost fluent".


I'm not really good at photo yet, but I keep practicing everyday.

I'm not really good at cooking yet, but I keep practicing everyday.

Sports (soccer, swimming)
I'm not really good at sports yet, but I keep practicing ev… oh no wait that's not true.

Dancing (hiphop)
Gimme a drink and a beat and I'll show you.


Step #1 : create a blog is the blog I started for this class. Here you'll find… stuff that I write. About e-culture. Yeah.
un litre de chips is my real blog, since 2005. This is a blog. ish.

The video you were all expecting for

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