Podcast is the new school. Not.

I'm going to tell you a about AnglaisPod

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As you might have guessed, AnglaisPod is a podcast (obviously) about learning english (obviously, again). There are lots and lots of podcasts aimed at people who want to learn english (or other foreign languages), just check the Education section on the podcasts of the the iTunes music store, for example.

Podcast + foreign languages = win

Yeah, I know, this one doesn't look like the funkiest and the funniest one. It is produced by guy named Thomas Carlton, born in the USA. English is his mother tongue, and he started learning french in college. He's now "specialized" in foreign languages (japanese, chinese, italian), and plans to come to France to finish his studies.

Lessons are separated in three levels : Lessons, Intermediate lessons, Advanced lessons. While the first lessons are about basic grammatical rules, the advanced one are way more interesting, dealing with more practical or cultural topics, from sports in America to the scholastic system. These advanced lessons are good for a first step in learning something about the culture of the USA, and make the gap between you and the US culture smaller.

The very first lessons give you an idea of the quality of his work : the voice is clear, not too fast, not too slow. He speaks in english and french, which is good for the beginners. Even if it does sound like an individual lesson, this podcast is quite pleasant to listen to.

Listening to a podcast is the best thing to do when you take the bus (maybe)

Podcast is the new fresh way to learn things. The only weakness of this tool is that you don't talk really much. As finding and downloading good podcasts is now easy, the hardest part is making yourself believe that this would be better for you to listen to this podcast than watching an episode of a series with or without subtitles (when you're at home). A podcast is easy to carry (no obligation to have an iPod with iTunes, any other mp3 player with Winamp will do it fine), and lessons are quite short, so you might be able to listen to two of these on your way from Republique to Pont de Levallois - Bécon. Great !

I'm listening to some spanish learning podcasts (yeah, really)

Some other straightforward methods

The translation tools

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