Finnish Massacre

Last week, a Finnish student, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, entered his highschool and killed 8 persons, including the School director. He had a profile on Youtube named Sturmgeist89 (german word for storm spirit) where he had written : "I'm at a point where i just feel hatred for hamans and human race" and the most important is he had posted a video called "Jokela igh School Massacre".
This event brings a lot of questions, the most important is : was this massacre avoidable?

As this kind of massacres already happend several times, we have the right to ask new questions about who's responsible for this and how could we avoid tragedies. It is difficult to blame Youtube for not having called the authorities. Thousands and thousands of videos are posted every day. They can check the profiles and it's what they did. The former profile of Pekka-Eric, called Natural Selector89 was erased by Youtube, but he created another one two weeks before the massacre, and just then he posted the video called "Jokela igh School Massacre". Wasn't Youtube fast enough? That's the problem.

If this video was posted, it was to be seen, maybe posted on a blog or a myspace page. So the important is that people saw this video,maybe even people from the highschool who hesitated to call the police. Skyblog puts a little button on all its blogs which makes easier the denouciation of violent or shocking contents.

Shall we put such a button under the Youtube videos, which would warn directly the police, which could investigate and even arrest the person concerned?

The idea begins to find strong supporters, shocked by the fact that this massacre was announced days before it happend. Others fear that it leads to abuses.
It's the eternal debate, treated in the film minority report : can I be blamed for having the intention to act wrong? Of course no. The Finnish boy couldn't have been condamned for the murder of eight persons if he had been caught on the base of the video.

But maybe the laws should be adapted, and new charges created. That level of threat (he holded a gun, the name of the video was explicit…) could also lead to an arrestation, police interrogations, and maybe punishments (work for the community, even a few days prison in certain cases) and the most important, the person would be watched closer.

It's an decisive turning point in the evolution of internet. Going further than a mere freedom of expression is very important. Between the abundance of productions people have to remember that everyone who posts something is responsible for it. It is an idea that is about to be forgotten with the 2.0, because everybody share everything and everybody is the author (f. ex. wikipedia).

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