Erwan Le N

Better than mental pills !

What's the best solution to become a shark communicator ? What's the only method which improve your faculty to communicate ? What's the best way to learn english ? The CELSA would have bought us a Nintendo DS …

Thanks to new educational programs introduced for the Nintendo DS, everyone not just playing videogames but engaged in self-improvement. These programs reach new targets among gamers and nongamers, from teenagers to salarymen and housewives or students. The top-selling programs concentrate on cultural literacy, vocabulary building and math drills or ……….. english learning !

In Japan, the phenomenon has transformed the Nintendo DS from a videogame player to a daily companion. One in seven Japanese owns a Nintendo DS ! The DS has dual screen, recognizes hand-writing ands respond to voice commands, making it easy for nongamers to control. In english training, a program has sold 2.4 million copies (half a million in Europe). The student performs language drills orally turning an otherwise monotonous chore into an entertaining effort to be understood by the machine.

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