Erwan KEZZAR's e-portfolio.

Who ?

Born in France

Where ?

Student in the Celsa, Great School of communication belonging to the Sorbonne Paris 4 in Paris.

What ?

Studies Communication, Medias and Mediatization (first grade of Master).

Used to be in a preparatory class, and to study sociology.

Why ?

Because of a passion for sustainable developpement, sociological trends and new professionnal experiences.


Tel : 00 33 6 23 04 66 63
22 /09/1985


2006-Present: CELSA ( high level branch of La SORBONNE PARIS 4)
4th year in Communication, Media and Mediatisation.

2005-2003: University of Limoges obtained Licence in sociology.

2003-2005: College Bertran de Born, 24000 Perigueux
Two year preparatory class for higher education
Speciality: English

2000-2003: College Jay de Beaufort, Perigueux, French Leaving school certificate (Baccalaureat in Literature)
Magna cum laude; 2003); option: latin, ancient

WORK EXPERIENCE July-August 2006: ●worked as a waiter in the restaurant
La Paillote” (Biscarosse).

●worked as a dishwasher for “La Siesta”
at the same time

●Also took a playing structure for children
to pieces for “La Siesta”.

2005-2006: Worked part-time as a salesman of clothes and
of miscellaneous goods in the market of

2003-2005: Worked as a removal man for a firm in Periguex

March 2007: Participated in the creation of the communication plan of the
“Festival for Earth” in the framework of an internship (association


April 2004: was in charge of students of the College Jay De
Beaufort (Perigueux) during a school trip to

April 2003: managed a part of the security during the
national festival of Secondary students in Pau.

QUALIFICATIONS: ●Word, Excel, Power Point
●Familiar with Internet
●Conversational English and German;
basis in Arabic (can read and write).

INTERESTS: ●French boxing: competitions.
●Rollerblading: used to enter competitions.

●“Slam” poetry competition (alternative poetry read in
front of an audience)

SKILLS PROFILE: ●able to work under pressure
●creative and imaginative

REFERENCES: ●Mr Truong-loi, teacher of philosophy in the preparatory class of the College Bertran de Born (Perigueux).

●Mr Asturias: manager of the restaurant “La Siesta,

●Ms Wheeler, teacher, International Strategy and
Communications, CELSA Paris IV, La Sorbonne


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