English please!!!
World community as well as The Internet known as the global village, is now expanding at a speed you can even think about it ! And as this inevitable fact invades our lives, we have to ajust ourselves to its prinicpal commun langage and I don’t mean geek compu code or stuff like that but simply english langage.
We got all these institutes, these schools and these universities putting the effort to integrate english and engaging their position on an international scale. What about you, I mean, your personal ressources ? You are probably aware of the possibilites the web offers you about learning english process. Tons of websites are totally specialzed on this particular domain. Here some interesting visits you might do to increase or evaluate your english level :

* http://www.wordreference.com/enfr/welcome

* http://www.anglaisfacile.com/

* http://www.english-at-home.com/

I want you to keep an eye on the last one English At Home. Ok; I must admit, it seems not really professional… but, however, it is complete, simple and user friendly.

From another hand, if you present yourself as the kind of guy having a good english base and looking for a good way to express yourself on forums, emails or blogs without losing your mind in dictionnaries, try //babelfish.altavista.com/tr; its a translation device which can be used easily and rapidly.

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