Create Communities Of Value

This is the principle of the forum. You encourage discussions about your products : people create a community, they share informations and create links, all around YOUR products. They can also help each other, which adds also value to your website and to your brand.

Your customers or users must feel like a group, they must share a sort of personnal relation out of the anonymous link provided by the service used: it lacks individuality, and even "community-marked individuality".

That search for a community is a -real- myth that impregnates Internet since its beginning. That is why everybody sees that advice as obvious, but Larry Dawnes wants to apply it to killer aps in business.

He quotes the example of AOL, which gave acces to a chat for its users.

Now, "more than 10 million users pay a premium for access to these community centers, making AOL the dominant internet service provider with more than 60% of the market. AOL has also become an attractive channel for advertising, which now accounts for almost 20% of its revenue".

Fidelisation and Implication

IN a certain far-away Kingdom, there lived a King. He had understood that his subjects needed a feeling of belonging, of comunication, and a feeling of sharing with other members of a specific group. He decided to use collaboration technologies - like forums (the Hardware one was very visited !), chats (like Yahoo messenger, AIM, MSN messenger, etc.), or gaming (game networks like World Of Warcraft, of Counter Strike were very popular) – seeded with their own information assets, to facilitate interaction and create a community.

Apple or were two huge communities of values. There was a fundamental book named Net Gain, which was the base of marketing utilisation of a community. In each of these specific communities, custumers lived always the ones with others in such harmony and love that neither of them could bear without the other even for a single click.

Create communities of value

Successful websites have managed to create communities of value. What is a community of value ? What value are we talking about ? it bears two aspects, both very important. The first one is an economic one : a real community means real information about real people, their hobbies, their e-mails, their ages, etc. This data is an invaluable resource for marketers and trend setters. This huge data can be sold or used strategically.

Another aspect is the long-term relationship a strong community involves. people are personally attached to a website, they’re not going to leave it overnight. This is reassuring for investors, advertisers, and members of the community themselves. In a world in which we lack more and more standards, strong values, a true and powerful community is a very good start to feel secure.

Social networks have all created huge and valuable communities on a generous model. The pleasure of being connected has replaced the mere necessity of surfing on the Web. Will this pleasure fade or become less sincere ? That is another question…

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