My portfolio about e-culture

Some sort of CV

Work experience:

I made many intership in newspaper and I’m still working on some of them. It was local newspaper and my favourite subjects were cultural and social things. I’m interested on everything we can’t see on tv, on instituional newspapers, people and culture which are marginalized. So with all this experiences, I can say I work as a “journalist” since 2002.

Last year, I work in a bookstore and I had to communicate on activites such as debate, conference, projections that my boss organized in this space. It was a great experience.


Master Communication, at CELSA, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Before the CELSA, I have studied two years in college of Litterature in Nantes and Paris.


English (I need to improve it). Spanish (better level, i spent many time in Spain).

Softwares used

Windows office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, publisher)

Audacity (to work on audio files)

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