website for learning english

This website is my favourite among all i’ve seen: English daily. I like colours and presentation they made to show english is an attractive language. There are two aspects in this website: one is learning as playing with the language with daily games and jokes. It underlines difficulties we can have throught tongue twisters.

There is also a part of grammar, things we need to improve our english. I think this is a very interesant idea to make people learn one or tho things per day. It’s easy, it doesn’t take so many time, and i believe we memorize easily.

This website makes people participate throught daily exercice with vocabulary of everydaylife without forgetting business vocabulary.

We have also quotes which make us think about us, our way to learn: ““Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” — Thomas Edison”.

I suggest you to click on the picture you see at the top of my post because I would like to comment it. I find it weird. In my point of view I would say it makes me feel bad. As looking at the two flags it seems like the english language controls the world. You see the earth and only the two flags as if there was nothing else, as if we should learn english to belong to this world.

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