E-learning english

What is it?

If you want to improve your english but you have no time to follow lesson with a real teacher, you can try e-learning. According to [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-learning, e-learning is : "a general term used to refer to computer-enhanced learning. It is used interchangeably in so many contexts that it is critical to be clear what one means when one speaks of 'eLearning'. In many respects, it is commonly associated with the field of advanced learning technology (ALT), which deals with both the technologies and associated methodologies in learning using networked and/or multimedia technologies.

It means that it deals with internet but not only. I had an interview for a practical last year, in a firm specialized in e-learning. The director explained me that they were currently developping themselves very fast, because more and more people ask for new methods, more practical and flexibal. He gave me an access to the on-line lessons. It was not only with real teachers but also with softwares which recognize your pronounciation. It was really enjoyable. They also have USB keys so that you can bring your lessons everywhere.

It's more practical because you can begin a lesson when you have five minutes, stop it and continue later. This kind of learning is also more and more encouraged in the big firms where it is essential to speak a correct english, be able to be understood and improve the brand image everywhere in the world.

I've found a good example : World English.
I tried the gramma test, they give a note, and then explain the failures.

There is also tutorabc.com, which has videos on youtube :

It is maybe more efficient because you speak directly with the professor, you can also improve your pronounciation.

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