Hello !

My name Antoine Soubrier and I'm 21. I love soul music, advertising creations, movies and photography. I'm also a poor soccer player who desperatly tries every to improve his technical skills every sunday. On this e-portfolio, you'll find links that may help you to know me better, even if it's an hard quest.

I'd like to work close to creation and use different medias in the future, that's why I'm in the CMM Section.

Blog :

Here is my blog. It mainly deals with advertising ideas, movies, music.

Video Presentation :

Featuring the 2.0 cowboy, Roger.

CV :

After I graduated, I first did two years of law. It was a mystake, but it gave me a bachelor that prooves my "ability to work hard and pay attention to the meaning of words."
Now I'm at the Celsa, studying communication, medias, advertising, it's to say cool and fun stuff compared to french civil law.

Last year, I did an internship in a promotional structure for indie rock in Paris, where I promoted concerts on the web and on classic medias, and I assisted the team of a new musical magazine : Voxpop, which is also a webzinevoxpopmag. It was great, and this year I'd wish to work in a real office, for instance an advertising agency, to set up brand strategies on different medias.

Apart from work, I also like life. I love soul music from the 60's, such as Stax records, Atlantic records, and precisely personnalities like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Solomon Burke and Aretha Franklin. To me they do the real music, the one which speaks to the hearts & souls with shades of blues and gifted voices.
I've always had an interest in art and creation : I went to graphic arts lessons, I love museums (the Louvre, Orsay's museum, Petit and Grand Palais in Paris) - my favourite artistic period is the XIX century for painting. I've been practising the slide trombone for three years know, even if I know my skills don't allow me to describe it as an "artistic" or "creative" activity. Actually, it's more my personal antidote against stress and a remedy if I feel I'm losing my sense of humour. I also like photography, which I've been practising a bit with digital but above all argentic cameras. American movies from the 70's are among my favourite ones, and Coppola, Leone, Friedkin, Cimino, Lumet, Michael Mann, Terrence Malick, David Fincher…are my favourite directors. I've been in an association which published cultural reviews on the web, and it was very interesting to see it evolve from a small project to 90 000 unique visitors per month, as well as an opportunity for me to write cultural articles, which pleased my narcissic side a lot.
Finally I also like sports when I can practise with friends or people who don't see it too seriously.

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