Personal presentation
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I'm a 22 years old student. I've lived in Paris for almost two years now, where I study communication in CELSA. Before, I studied the law at the university for three years. I was in an international high-school, which helped me a lot with my English and with foreign cultures. As my parents live in the USA, I go there a couple of times each year, which makes me practice my English as well.
Once I'm done with CELSA, I'll certainly go to work abroad so I'm glad I still have English classes at the university to improve my languages skills.
I also speak Italian fluently as a part of my family comes from there and I try to go back as often as possible, and I've started Spanish more than a year ago.
During my free time, I like painting - I've been practising painting since I was 7 - travelling - I've already travelled alone in a couple of countries such as China, Tunisia, Canada - running, swimming and recently I tried parachute, which was a great experience.

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