French learning English

It all starts with one question: why do we need to learn English ? I could write a lot about this but I prefer short answers. And this video is quite relevant of why it is so important to learn and understand correctly a language, mainly when this language is used in everyday's life!

But knowing the vocabulary is not enough! You also need to practice your English to improve it. We French are usually so bad with English accent! Here is one demo to explain why I think that E-learning is good as long as you can talk!

Here is the result of what it does when we make a video in class with Fred, Marie-Cécile and Anne D'Ussel.
First of all, about the case of the student un Finland several weeks ago, and the issue of policing the internet, we had a talk about police intervention when there is a threat of violence. We summed it up below!

Finally, one of the most important topics in this class was e-culture. We tried to found out what it made us think of when talking about e-culture in our personal and professional lives.

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