learnenglish: the best way to learn english on the internet!italic text

LearnEnglish is a portal which links to all the British Council's websites for teachers and learners of English - just one web address to remember§ this website is very intertsing because you can have fun while learning a new english!

You can find sports and culture news, games, grammar test… to summarize, LEARN-ENGLISH is very well-made because you can search informations about New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Wales…. every land where english is spoken! The notion of diversity is very important because if you want to join the group, you want to belong to this world you have to learn english!

The element which is very different, compares to "English Daily" for example, is the diversity of the "lessons": you can learn english without realize that you are in a grammar class!
Every week, the website gives a new theme, (this week it's "pirates"…) and declines every rubric around this idea: poem, stories…….

ps: i choose this website because of the color of the banneer which remind me the green of my blog…..!;)

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