Alexandre M


I'm Alexandre M.

Please check on my blog, where I put into practice the words from Simone de Beauvoir "If you want to speak about yourself, speak about everything else ("Pour parler de soi, il faut parler de tout le reste").

At this point, you can think than I'm a jerk, because no one can quote a word from a dead intellectual without looking like a jerk.

But please, I insist, check on my blog, you will love the kind of jerk I am.

I show my butt, a nipple, a toe, or whatever makes you sweat if you go and see my blog. Yeah really. Take this for granted. Send me a mail, and we'll manage a meeting in a public place near a park, and hop hop hop.

And if you are starving to see my cv, wait a minute, it will come sooner or later.



Master degree in Communication and mediatisation at CELSA
Licence degree at CELSA
Three years of preparatory class. Specialization in French Literature.
BA in French Language & Literature.
Baccalauréat in Literature, with honours.

Professional experiment

March-June 2007 (4 months)
Internship in France 2 - In the service of the Acquisitions of foreign Programs (TV movies & Mini series)
Part-time salesman in the Printemps Haussmann.
July 2002
Internship in RFI - In the culture and reportage services.


Good communication skills in English and German
Computer skills
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Basic knowledges in html & css

Hobbies & Interests

Sports (Tennis, jogging, Bicycle…)
Television (Everytime, every channel and especially Real TV)
Literature (French classical, American contemporary)
My English Blog

My Presentation

It's a beautiful video. You should sit, and enjoy every minute of it.

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