E-learning : two aims, two ways

According to me, E-Learning was just a process that would allow motivated seniors to enlarge their skills and raise their wages. My father tries to learn english with e-learning lessons provided from his company. But he is not motivated enough.

Actually, there's more to say about that (and more boring things, I must admit).

I've just read that e-learning can lead to a qualification. It makes sense, but i wouldn't have thought about it by myself (=too boring). And it is more and more organized : the French University of Paris Dauphine has a platform dedicated to e-learning, and it logically leads to a degree (Licence or Master). But what the fuck, it costs 4.000 € a year. E-learning doesn't unfortunately rely on having high-speed connection : you sure need money.
Details Here.

There is another way to learn English, if you have quitted studies long time ago.
In Caen, for example, there is the IAE ("L'institut d'Administration des Entreprises"), supported by the European Union (like the most organisations of that type I guess), which seems to be well done, with an hotline, a cyberlibrary, videos, etc… Actually, I don't know if every e-learning section offer these tools ; if not, what's the point of running a e-learning service ?! The price is thigher in Caen, it costs 6.000 € for a Master 2.
Check Here.

To make a long story short, E-learning has two different aims : on the first hand you can be a student - whatever your age - and graduate at last ; on the other hand you can improve your skills, for your job, or whatever.

Guess what I'm thinking about this exciting thing ?

No doubt that you can learn as fast as with these services if you watch regularly Real TV. It won't be B2B or B2C communication skills, but at least, you will rock your world in every urbane dinner party. And what is more important than that, he ?!
Inasmuch as I'm concerned by E-learning, I would recommend the last season of American Idol to improve his own skills. You learn American AND English at the same time (the most talktative juryman is an Englishman), and if you don't understand a single word they say : go on YouTube and replay the sequences as often as you want it.
This is my "English-with-TV-Learning-mixed-with-E-Learning-For-The-Poor-Ones-That-Cannot-Afford-To-Pay-4.000€"
I wish I could patent this great concept of English-learning :')

As you can see, it is possible to make a post without any YouTube vid', or flickr pic. Unusual, isn't it ?

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